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Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs Review

Check out our review of Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs and Cats

Taking medications and supplements can be challenging due to the unpleasant taste of some; this is applicable to both humans and animals.

It’s good you can find supplements with a great taste. One of them is our featured product, the Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs.

This supplement offers convenience and promises to work for your pet’s entire body and well-being. If your furry buddy has a number of conditions that need to be addressed, then this product might be a good buy.

Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs Review 2019 drmommyhealthtips


  • It comes with bacon and beef liver flavors
  • It is a chewable supplement
  • It is formulated to provide a complete nutritional boost (proprietary canine custom formulation)
  • It is formulated to work on inflammatory disorders
  • Its ingredients are as follows: Magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, whey, stearic acid, lactobacillus acidophilus (two billion), glucosamine sulfate, pancreatic, chondroitin sulfate (USA), 4x (proprietary canine blend of amylase, lipase, protease), MSM Methylsulfonylmethane, bacon flavor, and liver (desiccated beef, un-defatted).


  • Being chewable makes it a lot easier to consume
  • It does not contain harmful substances; it is even safe for dogs with allergies
  • It improves digestive health
  • It works well even in dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • It works well in combating diarrhea
  • It tastes good due to the flavors used
  • It works well in most (if not all) types of dogs—small or big, puppies or seniors
  • Made in a GMP organic certified facility, it comes fresh and in a good quality
  • Consuming it does not result in foul breath
  • It has a good texture; it does not harden
  • It does not make a house smell bad (other products do)
  • It is very convenient to take especially when compared to hard-to-open capsules
  • It makes the joints stronger; it helps in treating arthritis as well
  • It enhances the appearance of coat and hair
  • You can easily adjust the dosage, which is a big plus due to the fact that different dogs have different needs


  • There may be some issues with the dosage; it may be a bit low for some dogs
  • The price is relative. Some find it reasonable, while some find it a bit high
  • Despite its tasty flavors, some dogs might still not like it


Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs is a product that comes with numerous benefits, from the taste to its approach in working in a dog’s body. It is not hard to see the advantages it offers. First, the product is chewable.

And again, another benefit that appeals to dog parents is its good taste. Who would not love the tasty bacon and beef liver flavors? It is likewise easier to take compared to other products that come in a hard-to-open capsule.

But more than that, this product promises to give a complete nutritional boost through the proprietary canine custom formulation. It aims and claims to address numerous health issues a dog may have. To name some, it improves a dog’s joints, digestive health, skin and coat, and overall well-being.

This supplement may have some downsides, just like other products, but the benefits are truly promising and can outweigh the negative traits.


With all the advantages and disadvantages of Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs, what would be the best verdict for this supplement? You have just see that its positive traits outweigh the negative ones.

For this, it can be safe to say that this product is worth spending money on. As you have discovered, it offers things that other products don’t.

When looking for a supplement, it is important to look at potential products according to different aspects. If what it can give is much greater that what it can’t, then you should seriously consider buying it. Just make sure you have educated yourself enough before making a decision.

You don’t want to make the wrong choice just because you don’t have enough knowledge about your prospective item, do you?

Prebiotics: Are they important?

Did you know that you need to feed probiotics too? They are live microorganisms; therefore, they also need some food to help them do their job. Speaking of feeding them, you need to nourish them with prebiotics.

Basically, prebiotics are undigested food ingredients traveling to the colon. They ferment in the colon and are converted into short chain fatty acids which hinder the growth of bad bacteria.

Prebiotics provide energy to the colon cells and preserve the fluid balance as well as electrolytes, and consequently allows the intestines to move properly.

Also, prebiotics can make the digestive flora healthier. Because of these facts, experts believe that it is best to use prebiotics with probiotics.

Good sources of prebiotics are dandelion greens, raw garlic, apples, bananas, and mushrooms. There is no specific requirement regarding the amount you should give to your pet.

Meanwhile, some claim that prebiotics may likewise feed harmful intestinal bacteria; hence the possibility of contributing to digestive disorders. Such claim remains controversial as of this writing.


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