Can We Use Anti Dandruff Shampoo Regularly?

If you have flakes in your hair and your head itches, you probably have dandruff, and this means you will need an anti-dandruff shampoo. When it comes to using such product, the most common question asked is: can we use anti dandruff shampoo regularly? The answer to that question depends on your condition and the kind of anti dandruff shampoo you are using.

You first need to know that an anti-dandruff shampoo is not like your regular shampoos whose purpose is to clean your hair and make it soft. While you can expect the same effect from most anti-dandruff shampoos, their primary purpose is to get rid of the flakes. For that, they have special ingredients which are basically chemicals.

So can we use anti dandruff shampoo regularly?

You can use most of the over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos regularly because dandruff needs to be continuously controlled too. However, the best practice is to keep using it regularly until flakes reduce or stop showing at all. If you also suffer from itchiness on your scalp, you can keep using the shampoo until it is controlled.

Using it once a day would be more than enough and should help reduce dandruff. When you feel there are no more flakes or itchiness, you can switch back to your regular shampoo. If dandruff strikes back, you can again start using the anti-dandruff shampoo you have been using. If you have a lot of dandruff, chances are you will have to keep using it for weeks to see meaningful results.

The first few days you will have to follow the washing routine quite strictly, making sure to shampoo every day. As dandruff starts to reduce, you can bring down the frequency. The thing about dandruff is that it may be because of one or several causes. Sometimes it is because of your own hormones so you might have to use it regularly.

Anti-dandruff Shampoos for Severe Dandruff

While most anti-dandruff shampoos contain ingredients such as zinc pyrithione and selenium sulfide, some contain extra strong ingredients that are capable of fighting the most severe kind of dandruff. If your scalp itches a lot, has reddish skin and flakes disperse on your clothing, you have advanced stage dandruff.

Such individuals are usually prescribed by their dermatologists, medicated shampoos with rather stronger ingredients. These shampoos work faster and more efficiently than anti-dandruff shampoos. Since they have advanced formulas, one should use them until the severity of dandruff reduces. After that, you can use them periodically to keep the flakes under control.

Anti-dandruff Shampoos Also Moisturize and Cleanse

Anti-dandruff shampoos are shampoos after all, and part of their job is also to clean and moisturize your scalp. In fact, in order for their active ingredients to work, they keep the scalp moisturized. Besides the active ingredients that work on the flakes in your scalp, they mostly contain the same ingredients as other shampoos. They contain cleansers, conditioners, lotions, preservatives and fragrances that give you the same experience as your other shampoos. Plus they help reduce the flakes and get rid of the nasty itchiness they cause. So it should not be a problem using them regularly at least until your dandruff is in control.

If you have other hair problems like hair loss, dry hair or damaged hair, you can alternate between shampoos for those problems and the one for dandruff. In such cases, it would be best to consult a dermatologist and use the shampoo that they prescribe.

Many people assume that using anti-dandruff shampoo daily can damage hair and make it weak. That is not true, at least for the over the counter options we find everywhere. How much you apply also matters as applying too much of it unnecessarily may actually be harmful especially when using the medicated ones. In fact, medicated shampoos are so strong and efficient just a bit of them should do the job.

Final Words

Remember that dandruff, whatever the cause may be behind it, cannot be cured completely. Therefore, it has to be controlled, and the easiest way for that is to apply anti-dandruff shampoo. Make sure to read what ingredients are there in the shampoo. Also, you need to part your hair in different sections and apply the shampoo to the scalp as anti-dandruff shampoo needs to come in contact with your scalp. Keep using it regularly so long as you dandruff stops being a bother and then you can switch between your regular shampoo and the one for fighting flakes.

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